Posie's Blog. Tales of island life on a hebridean hill farm

Posie's Blog. Tales of island life on a hebridean hill farm

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Baking Days

Baking day today, you can’t beat the aroma of freshly baked scones and cakes. It is the school sports tomorrow evening, so we’ve to bake for the cake stall and provide some lucky dip presents and raffle prizes. So I have been busy in the kitchen all morning.

Youngest is off school today, she is full of the cold and feeling very miserable that she cannot practice her running for tomorrow’s races.

My son is due back off the evening ferry; he has been off the island, on his first away from home trip, with the school, for the past few days. The hours are ticking away very slowly; I have missed him, and can’t wait to catch up on his adventures.

Eldest daughter has left a long list for the happy farmer by the phone, and reminders all over the house, to make sure he phones for a catalogue and entry forms for this year’s show. She wants to enter Hansel, and is putting him through his paces in the field every night. I still can’t watch the galloping bit, but luckily that will not be required in the show field! The happy farmer has built her a new tack room in his shed, so we will be able to move in her room once again, as the saddles, and bridles and all of the other horse paraphernalia goes out to its new home. She keeps arriving in the kitchen, covered in paint, as she has been decorating the new digs.

The happy farmer has been busy fencing all week. Farmer T’s cows are back to graze on our pastures, hopefully the fence will keep them off the hill, and away from the Highland cows, and I can still access the hill for a run without getting chased by the crazed animals. Farmer T’s cows are particularly unfriendly and it wouldn’t be the first time they have come stampeding after me.
The dogs are still glued to the fence watching their friends the pigs for hours on end, as seen in the photo above, they are worse than the children at the television.

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ChrisH said...

You sound a bit brighter today, that's good. If I had your pigs to look at I'd be there with the dogs staring at them too. Great photo. Good luck with the sports day - now give us a scone!

snailbeachshepherdess said...

Lovely blog...why do you have sports day in the evening? Someone else was having an evening fete and yet we stick religously to flamin' afternoons here. i think I prefer your way!
Sad blog yesterday...it must hurt the whole community when someone dies that has been such an integral part of it

Pipany said...

Hi Posie, so sorry to hear about Duncan and Paddy. I would think it's all the harder in such a close community. I really enjoyed your tagging list though - I love Shakespeare too. Dave and I often read plays out in the bath, aided by wine and candles of course! Our favourite is A Midsummer Night's Dream xx

toady said...

Love the picture of the dogs. Send us down a scone, I can do my own cream and jam. Toady

Crystal Jigsaw said...

What adorable horses! And those dogs as they watch pensively at prospective breakfast! It's wonderful living on a farm isn't it. We have hundreds of horses around here, I'm not sure if some have been put out to pasture since the hunting ban. What a stupid idea that was.
Anyway, I hope all's well with your son and his trip was a success. Crystal x

Suffolkmum said...

Gorgeous photos,as usual. Hope your son enjoyedhimself. Good luck with the baking and the fete!

Faith said...

How cute that the dogs watch the pigs!

The Country Craft Angel said...

What a lovely 'family' feel blog. That's what country life is all about.

Hope sports day goes well and your daughter soon feels better.

Sorry to read about Duncan-it is so sad when a loved character dies. Strange to think that it will be you and hubby in years to come that will be the pillars/characters of the community...life does indeed go on...

warm wishes

KittyB said...

lovely pics again. I too love baking scones and cakes, make me feel like a good mummy!
Thanks for your comment on mine - I am starting to think about a nature/environmental/conservation type job, am going to look into possibilities.

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Sorry to hear of the loss in your community - we lost two well know people - suddenly - in our village this year - shocked and saddened all of us.

Loved the dogs with the pigs. Hope your daughter feels better soon

@themill said...

I think I'm starting to go off you - it's still peeing down here and soooooo cold! So sorry about Duncan and love the story about the hamster. One of the terrorists ate the pet rabbit and I told the children it was the fox. Soooo jealous about drama school did you ever meet Jonathans brother? Mind you, Jonathan's not bad either.
And what is it about these lovely farmers we're married to? We must consider ourselves very fortunate.
And please don't speak to me again until it starts raining up there!!

Pondside said...

So sorry to hear that your community has lost such well-loved sons.
I wish I could smell your baking. I'm feelin quite sorry for myself that there is nothing baked in this house at all and I don't look forward to a cup of tea only. Have fun at your school 'do'!