Posie's Blog. Tales of island life on a hebridean hill farm

Posie's Blog. Tales of island life on a hebridean hill farm

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Horsing Around

We have had days of driving wind and rain, it felt like winter had arrived a little too early, but today the rain clouds have given way to bright hot sunshine, adding to the spirit of excitement around the place as everyone gets ready for the annual agricultural show. Yesterday the kitchen was filled with happy chatter as dealers arrived off the ferry, towing shiny new machinery, stopping in for a quick cup, before heading to set up their stands at the show field.

It is going to be a strange show this year, what with no cattle, sheep and pigs, due to the restrictions on animal movement, which affect even this small hebridean island. At one point we didn’t even know if there would be a show, but after a meeting it was decided that it should go ahead as always. There will be a great deal of diappointment among the farming community though. Hours of preparation go into rearing show beasts. Show lambs will have been born as early as December, and carefully nurtured and reared over the months. The big show sale which happens the following day at the auction market will be a none event this year unless the restrictions are lifted.

There is big excitement on the farm today though among the children as the horses are still able to go to the show. Meg the Clydesdale spent yesterday evening getting her tail clipped by her owner, as my daughter so fondly put it

‘She really was not at all happy mum, that is until she saw me, then she put her ears forward and gave me a great big smile.’

My daughter loves the horses and has been putting her horse, Hansel, through his paces over the past few weeks, getting more excited with each passing day. Shampoo has been bought and today armed with buckets of water and brushes there have been an army of children tenderly grooming the horse ready for tomorrow’s show. I admire my daughter’s passion and confidence. I pointed out that there may be a few more spectators at the horses ring this year in the absence of the other beasts. Totally unfazed she remarked

‘Oh Hansel will be so pleased, he adores people and loves showing off. He is really going to enjoy himself’....... and I know she will too…

Until next time…..


Crystal Jigsaw said...

A beautiful horse, I wish your daughter well. I admire her commitment, horses are a real tie. I was talking to our Auctioneer at the local mart this morning and he told me Scotland hasn't been affected at all, all movement goes ahead. Unfortunately, his phone call was to make sure we understood we were unable to move any of our lambs/hogs. Of course we knew but I was unaware about Scotland.

Crystal xx

patsy said...

Ah little girls and ponies, delightful!
It's a life-long love affair isn't it?
Sadly my boys are only interested in horse power of a different sort..but I have a lovely old pony called Mary. I'll tell her story one day in a blog when I get organised!
Good luck at the show!
Patsy xx

ChrisH said...

Will lifting transport restriction make any difference or is it too late? Glad you have some sunshine at last.

lampworkbeader said...

Your daughter sounds like a real star. I hardly dare admit this but I'm scared of horses. My sister has a couple and she is always covered in bruises or has a strained back through dragging bales of hay around. I love them only when they are safely behind a fence.
I'd love to visit your agricultural show though. Pity about the lack of animals. I hope the weather holds out.

Frances said...

Beautiful and fortunate daughter and horse ... they make a great team.

I have been relaxing a bit this morning and getting caught up on your blogs. Your writing really does take to your island. Thank you from a city-dweller for the fresh air!


FunkyMunky said...

Sounds like a real love affair between your daughter and her horse! I hope the weather stays nice and that the show goes well ... I'm sure it will be strange though without the livestock. what a shame for everyone involved!

elizabethm said...

lovely pictures and really evocative blog as usual. i was utterly horse mad as a child and can really identify with your daughter. sadly didn't actually have a horse and had to content myself with reading/drawing pictures/pretending to be a horse/hanging around our neighbour's horses.

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Missed out on the horse mad phase as a kid amd mine never really seemed interetsted so it is brilliant to live the horsey passion through your blog.

When is the show - let us know how it goes.

muddyboots said...

what is it with girls & horses? it has certainly been a bugger with these movement restrictions , especially when you are, 600 miles away from surrey?

@themill said...

I bet a cut and blow dry from John Frieda would be cheaper than the cost of shampoo for a horse! The daughter has just bought fly repellant for hers' today and the Farmer nearly had apoplexy when he saw the price on the bottle.

Pondside said...

I hope the show went well and that Hansel and your daughter had a grand time! Every time I open your blog I feel an virtual gust of brisk salty air! What a treat it is to read what you write.