Posie's Blog. Tales of island life on a hebridean hill farm

Posie's Blog. Tales of island life on a hebridean hill farm

Thursday, 31 May 2007

A huge climb to get over that hill

I am feeling ever so slightly challenged just now. It started last week when I realised that I had somehow got to find beds for about 15 people in our house and one of the cottages, which I had kept free for a few days to cover the party celebrations. As I said in an earlier blog, cool as a cucumber the happy farmer suggested people camp in the horse box.

The weather forecasters, after promising sunshine, suddenly introduced huge rain clouds on the map last night. I had sat up specially to watch the forecast as my mum had said it had promised to be a good one. Oh well the men can cook the burgers on the barbecue under umbrellas if necessary, but sunshine and a breeze to keep the midges away is what I really want.

Just when I am managing to get my head around the accommodation issue, I was woken up at five this morning by the happy farmer being ever so slightly sick. I didn’t manage to get back to sleep, worrying about the possibility of sick bugs, five children staying in the house and an army full of people arriving over the weekend to celebrate birthdays. Thankfully he seems a lot better today, has had breakfast and gone off fencing, well that is what he said anyway, he is probably sleeping behind a hill somewhere, and putting a brave face on it all to convince me I have nothing to worry about.

My brother announced he is planning on taking my son out ‘bivvy whacking’ tomorrow night. Apparently it involves a good walk over some rough terrain, out to a very remote spot, to have a camp fire on the beach, before sleeping in survival bags, ‘bivvy’ bags, out under the stars for the night. Never mind the ticks, the midges and the possibility of rain and the fact that we have oddles of people arriving off the ferry. In fact he wants me to join him on the expedition, along with my nephew and one of our old school pals, who is making the trek up here for the birthday celebrations. At this point I am seriously considering disappearing over the hill myself with a bottle of champagne and hiding, after all it is ‘over the hill’ I am venturing, in years anyway, do you think they would notice if I wasn’t around to celebrate?!

My beautiful daughter has become a teenager today; she was the best birthday present ever when she was born 13 years ago, even if she was an 'early' birthday present. I cannot believe she is now hitting her teen years. We all gathered on her bed to watch her open her presents, it would usually be on our bed, but I decided the children and the happy farmer should steer clear of each other this morning, as I ran from bathroom to bathroom armed with bleach and fresh towels. It was good having the cousins here too. She got some lovely girlie pressies, but her favourite is of course is Hansel, her horse. She has been out riding everyday since he arrived, and is absolutely delighted with him. We are going for a birthday bar supper tonight to celebrate, and she had a birthday sleepover last weekend with her cousin and a pal.

Our lovely Dutch friends came to say goodbye last night, they leave today for home. They bought me a beautiful bunch of lilies and a card, which I was trying to keep until my birthday, but just couldn’t resist opening today. Inside they had written a beautiful letter to us all and the words on the front of the card read ‘Count your life by smiles not tears, count your age by friends not years.’ Sometimes it is the little gestures that make those special moments in life.

Until next time…..


The Country Craft Angel said...

That is a lovely message and sentiment from your dutch friends.

Happy Birthday to your daughter-my son was 13 last birthday and is quite the young man now.

warm wishes

PS-thanks for your comments-it is a small world indeed. Our old Station house was in Ironbridge and we are only a few miles from Much Wenlock where we live!

+Nice that you should know the Cameron House Hotel-lovely part of the world.x


Bonne Anniversaire to you all!! BUT you make it sound as if you aer turning 90 or something you can't be that old!!!

Suffolkmum said...

Happy birthday to your daughter - wow, a teenager, quite a milestone! Hope the happy farmer recovers, and that everything goes swimmingly! (sounds a bit daunting to me!)

muddyboots said...

happy birthday daughter! good luck and all!

sally's chateau said...

That blog oozed happiness despite the unfortunate bug of the happy farmer !!

Blossomcottage said...

Happy Brithday to the teenager, and remember the parties get interesting from now on, take it from one who knows! and has been there. I too have a great Dutch friend she gave me the lovely jug that I put my May or May not appear flowers in. We as a family did loads of camping in the horsebox it quite fun really ( in the warm weather). So glad the horse is a success its always a worry but loads of fun to come I think.

Elizabethd said...

Happy birthday!

@themill said...

Happy Birthday to you to, whenever it is! Just catching up and the festival sounds fun. think my Farmer would like it too. Don't think that was the cause of the sickness do you?!
Love having a house full of children and I bet they would love camping in the horsebox!

Fennie said...

You can't believe your daughter is a teenager - just wait until she turns 30! Won't seem that long. Time just seems to accelerate. When's your birthday. Must have a party!

Pondside said...

Happy Birthday to daughter and mother! When is yours?? Hope you have a wonderful time with the crowds at your house!

elizabethm said...

Have a great time. Teenagers are wonderful. they get a bad press but I loved it when mine were that age. Now have my older daughter staying with me who is old enough to share a bottle of wine and talk relationships and that's lovely too.

bodran... said...

It's not fare why do they grow up so quick. nell is 13 in january,and if shes anything like her big sister we'll remain friends throughout..happy birthday to you both..XXX

ron steenvoorden said...

Hi Rosemary,

glad you liked the card and the flowers. We had such a wonderful time at the farm with the happy farming family :-)

All the best wishes from Manuela and myself