Posie's Blog. Tales of island life on a hebridean hill farm

Posie's Blog. Tales of island life on a hebridean hill farm

Friday, 17 June 2011

Flying away in a hammock.....

The weekend saw a gathering of teenagers and slightly older teenagers, invariably in their 50s, although Farmer T possibly 60s, as they gathered in the old byre to celebrate eldest daughter’s 16th birthday.
Preparations for the day had been conducted in top secret as I had been warned that under no circumstances were there to be any balloons, decorations and fuss, just a small gathering of her friends. As she sat her final exam I enlisted the help of the younger two to help transform the byre, complete with streamers, and of course balloons.
As I traipsed between byre and farmhouse with goodies the line of helpers seemed to be ever increasing. First it was just me and the children, and then the dogs began to follow our steady stream back and forth, between farmhouse and byre. Charlie hen then joined the line, waddling closely behind her pal Mist the sheepdog, much to Mist’s annoyance. Finally it all got a bit too taxing when I found myself tripping over Sherbet the pet lamb too, constantly under my feet, bleating away, faithfully following backwards and forwards, until I could persuade youngest to go and mix a bottle of lamb’s milk and put her back in her pen.
The BBQ and party went well, teenagers tripping back and forth, happy farmer and Farmer T in charge of cooking and drinks, girlies sat in sunshine giggling away, and as the evening wore on, and the sun disappeared, fading below the horizon, we retired into the byre, to the disco lights and music. At some unearthly hour I made it back to the farmhouse where various bodies were sleeping in various corners, movies playing in one room with popcorn, lights out and snoring from another. The following day they all headed off to the beach for an afternoon of sunbathing and swimming. Oh to be 16 again.
Finally in the early hours of Sunday evening the happy farmer and I got to relax in the garden hammocks. We were joined a while later by the happy chappy and his brother. As I went to get drinks I suggested the happy chappy relaxed in a hammock, slightly cautious he remarked that he had not ventured into a hammock before, and would not know how to position himself without toppling off. Full of the joys of the hammocks I carefully advised him to place his bottom in the middle of the hammock and swing his legs across. Being ever so over zealous in following my good advice his backside missed the middle as he flung himself right over the edge of the hammock, flying backwards through the air, and landing upside down, legs splayed and hammock landing on top of him, and hardly a drop of his cider spilt, I was most impressed.

Until next time….


Mummy Boo Bear said...

Wow sounds like a brilliant way to celebrate being 16!

Although a bit unfortunate for the would hammock enjoyer. Although an impressive save with the cider.


Preseli Mags said...

I'm impressed by the cider save too. Hammocks are tricksy things. Fabulous 16th birthday party too - what a lucky daughter. I'm pleased to hear you ignored the no-balloons request. What is a birthday without balloons?

Pondside said...

I'll bet she loved the balloons and streamers!
I've never been in a hammock either and am awed by that story of the fall without a drop spilled.

Frances said...

Posie, you all really do know how to celebrate a wonderful occasion! I'm sure your 16 year old will carry happy memories...and perhaps one day throw such a fete herself.

Those lamb pictures just melt my heart.

I do love hammocks, though it's been a while since I encountered one. They are perfect for relaxation.


Molly said...

A belated happy birthday to your daughter, Posie! Sounds like a great birthday party. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall watching you happy chappy climbing in and falling out of his hammock - worthy of a video on youtube :0)

jane said...

Hi Posie - sounds like you and yours had a fab time nothing like a family party - I love that word traipsing - its used down here - I think it could be a country expression - sounds like the animals and birds had a good time during the party preparation xx

Fennie said...

Love that image of all the animals trotting back and forth. Daresay the hens and dogs enjoyed lots of titbits.
Happy birthdays all round. And yes, hammocks - like Tiggers and tablecloths! They attack when you aren't looking.

potterjotter said...

Amazing how LONG these teenage parties go on for isn't it? Hubby and I have been known to exchange 'when-are-they-going?' looks late on day two! Looks like a party she'll remember!

bayou said...

oh to be sweet 16 again :-) - I love the instant picture of that pet lamb.