Posie's Blog. Tales of island life on a hebridean hill farm

Posie's Blog. Tales of island life on a hebridean hill farm

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The air is filled with excitement as youngest is busy emptying the entire contents of her drawers over her bedroom floor as she rifles through clothes to find just the right outfit for the school’s Halloween party. The air is heavily scented with the smell of nail varnish and hairspray as eldest and a friend transform themselves into beauty queens for the high school’s Halloween dance, catching the bus at the very last moment. 

Hours later they come bursting through the door, giggling and chatting.

The next day I wave two tired and groggy teenagers off to school. 

I drop youngest off at her school gate, she is full of beans, complete with cow girl outfit, smiling and giggling as she makes her way along the path. 

Hours later I collect a shattered white faced tired little soul, heavy bags, complete with apples and party decorations, dragging at her heels. The cowgirl outfit just won’t do for the evening’s guising, and now nothing seems quite right, of course to suggest that she may be just a tad tired is met with a gruff response, so I tenderly try and make helpful suggestions for another outfit, each suggestion being met with more and more tired and frustrated responses. In the end I back off, and it works as several hours later the most beautiful little cat purrs down the stairs, with a big smile. Eldest did a fantastic job of the cat make up. The door goes and two more little cats arrive, and the three of them stand in an excited row as bags of goodies are distributed and a final photo taken before they head off together to the village for a few hours guising. 

Until next time.....


Elizabethd said...

How sweet!

bayou said...

I can smell your Halloween :-))))
For once, we had kids around ringing on the door and they were in really nice outfits and one had a very impressive lightning sword in his hand. Luckily, there was a bit of chocolate left to fill the bag with.
As always, I love your picture with those romantic sky colours!

Jan said...

That is just so lovely. She is very fortunate to have an older sister who obviously cares. I hope she had a wonderful time.

Pondside said...

What a sweet post - in just a few lines you took me right back to those days when I had children dressing up for Hallowe'en. I'm glad your younger one had a good time in the end. I can just picture the three little cats setting out in all their excitement.

jane said...

Hi Posie
I love it - we get quite a few of the local children calling all dressed up - and some adults too !- our grandsons came in their black sparkly cloaks and face masks - - their cloaks first touched the floor when they were made - now they are half way up their legs and still going strong - bye

Fennie said...

Oh I can picture the scene as I remember it so well from my own children. At least yours are not yet on the cider and blackcurrant stakes.

Do so admire you photographs. They're great.