Posie's Blog. Tales of island life on a hebridean hill farm

Posie's Blog. Tales of island life on a hebridean hill farm

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

9th January.

A night of wild storms, the wind was lashing the farmhouse; the slates were dancing on the roof, as they clattered away in the gusts. I hid under the duvet, listening to the thunder and lightening, wondering what damage was being done outside, as the power flickered and then it was blackout.
Bleary eyed children headed off for school in the darkness, the wind, decreasing gradually. Happily daylight brought very minor damage, a skylight blown in on the pottery, a cement mixer upturned in the yard, and a few plants out of their pots, lying strewn around the place. These buildings have stood for hundreds of years, what hasn’t been securely tethered to the land has blown away many moons ago, we were very fortunate.  I should have taken a leaf out of the happy farmer’s book, he spent the night fast asleep with just the odd snore reminding me that he was completely oblivious to the storms and doesn’t believe in wasting good sleep time worrying about the weather.
The happy potter arrived at the farm, grinning from ear to ear. He arrived home from the mainland yesterday, having just announced his engagement to his girlfriend. The pottery cats were delighted to see him, having sneaked into the farmhouse kitchen for some company in his absence. Feeling very at home this morning the bold Spock, aka pottery cat, was caught actually growling through the French doors at the sheepdogs, and they were in turn looking mighty sheepish….

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laurie said...

oh such storms. animals are smarter than we are, i think. they know to be frightened. we had torrential rain yesterday--streets were flooded, basements flooded (not ours), constant lightning and thunder. riley spent a good part of the evening in the basement bathroom--how did he know that that's the safest room in the house?

Posie Rosie said...

I hate storms Laurie, animals are soo intuitive!