Posie's Blog. Tales of island life on a hebridean hill farm

Posie's Blog. Tales of island life on a hebridean hill farm

Friday, 19 October 2007

Home at Last

Layers of mist clung to the island like a security blanket. Visibility on the island was poor and unrelenting. The happy farmer spent a frustrating day at Glasgow airport, as the morning flight home to his island got delayed……. delayed….. and then finally cancelled.

He returned in the late afternoon to go through the process all over again, and was unable to make that flight back until the following morning. The island often gets cut off by air if the mist is low. The ground hostess at the airport have amazing patience as they deal with all of the frustrations and despair of travellers, who in a modern world, expect to travel, without delay.

The hustle and bustle and restaurants of the city beckoned though, and no sooner was the happy farmer home than he got hauled away with the rest of us for a well earned city break of shopping, cinemas and ten pin bowling, mixed with Thai, Mexican and Indian cuisine, like only the cosmopolitan haunts of a city can offer.

We returned yesterday, to a peaceful, sunny island, the autumnal hues blazing brightly as the ferry glided along the Sound, between the two islands. The BT boys followed us off the ferry to deliver goodies of strong cheddar cheese from their local creamery.

Farmer T was busy checking his ‘coos’ and so a cup of tea was the order of the day. He was in good form. He announced that he was acquiring a new sheepdog, the happy farmer and I nearly fell off our chairs at this point. Farmer T is acquiring a squad of sheepdogs, or should I at this point say ‘pot lickers’, that could put Battersea Dogs Home to shame. I jest, but we never fail to be amused as yet another much hoped for sheepdog, fails at the first hurdles of training. The tales of which are amusingly recounted with Farmer T’s unique brand of humour and wit, we can but hope that this particular dog will provide so many endless hours of entertainment. Hopefully this dog will make the grade, it certainly seems promising, his latest addition is coming from a man who uses sheepdogs to round up ducks at displays at agricultural shows. If the dog fails Farmer T could always diversify away from sheep, and invest in a squad of ducks, thus making him even more ‘quackers’.

The happy farmer’s new tups and sheep arrived off the evening ferry last night. The happy farmer left to unload them. He returned, covered in mud, to announce they were good sheep that the auctioneers had got for him. The fact that it was pitch dark probably helped him in his judgement then, that and a good dram off our German guests, who were leaving for home this morning.

Until next time.


Pondside said...

The bright lights and exotic restaurants are exciting, but it's awfully nice to come home. It sounds as though you had a busy week. I hope those sheep are as promising as they appeared in the dark!

Elizabethd said...

I just love to see the photos of your island, brings back memories of the times I visited, years ago.

bodran... said...

Hi,your mad neighbour sounds like someone i know ? and its always good to get home no matter what....xxx

ChrisH said...

I've been hankering for a city break. I'm always glad to be back home again but... hmm, your blog had definitely caught me at a time when I miss the all the sights and sounds of the city.


Oh what delights beautiful scenery AND foriegn restauarnts wihtin travelling distance!!

lampworkbeader said...

I am fascinated by the idea of a sheepdog that rounds up ducks...Now that really is diversification.

a kelly said...

Your blog brings back memories to me also...it was many years ago but I still have the pottery and pictures to prove it. I will be back one day but in the meantime thanks for making me feel like I'm almost there with your pictures and words.

Exmoorjane said...

Another lovely blog, Posie...I wouldn't know a good sheep if it bit me....hope yours prove to be good'uns. jxxx

elizabethm said...

Great to go away and great to come home again. You need to go away some times to get that lovely sense of returning!

Milkmaid said...

My Boy got some new sheep yesterday, at least we are now allowed to move stock almost normally again, except we are just out of the Blue Tongue protection area, our neighbours are in it
He also wants a sheep dog

ron steenvoorden said...

Hi Rosemary,

Nice picture of the Paps. Manuela and myself always say to eachother that you live in the most beautiful part of Islay. We love to walk or drive the road up to Bunnahabhain and the view from the hill towards the Heatherhouse with the Paps in the background is just amazing.

Here are som pictures from our latest trip: http://gallery.islayinfo.com

I'm so glad we booked another three weeks for next year May. I hope time flies twice as hard as usually and stops when we are back on Islay.

All the best from us both
Please say hi to the happy farmer

Manuela and Ron

@themill said...

Is there such a thing as a good sheep?!