Posie's Blog. Tales of island life on a hebridean hill farm

Posie's Blog. Tales of island life on a hebridean hill farm

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Posie's blog

I have been posting all of my blogs from previous months onto this site, getting my new ‘home’ in order, I hope you can find your way around, sorry if there is any confusion, but I felt the whole ‘story’ needed to be here for any ‘nubies’ out there.

I accompanied the children this morning as they went armed with bottles first thing to feed their lambs before school. The lambs were huddled up in a pen made out of straw bales in the shed. My son carefully lifted a bale off and out peered three bleating heads. Carefully the lambs were lifted out, each one hungrily sniffing out its bottle of fresh milk and then guzzling greedily. They needed no persuasion this time, in contrast to their first bottle feed where the teat had to be fed into their mouths, while we wrestled to hold them in place. They are comfortable with the new feeding regime now, happily seeking out human company. The other night the happy farmer had left them outside on the grass, but when morning came we found them snuggled up in their hay pen, they had found their own way to bed!

The happy farmer arrived in with stewing steak this afternoon, he smiled ever so sweetly, suggesting I made a mean beef curry, and with a little persuasion I spent the afternoon slaving in the kitchen cooking a feast for him and his pals, the BT boys, to enjoy in the evening.

The kitchen is filled with their raucous laughter and I have found ten minutes to get on the computer, mustn’t stay too long, they will notice I am gone, so until next time….


Pondside said...

Hi Posie - what a beautiful photo. We have lots of sheep on the island but I can never get close enough to see the lambs. Isn't it amazing how animals wil find their way - to food, to bed etc?

Blossomcottage said...

"Current Husband" has two cousins who are sheep famers in the Outer Hebrides, he went up there once for sheep shearing, it is the first and last time in his life he was party to the drinking of a WHOLE crate of whiskey in one day. Lovely lambs

Inthemud said...

What cute lambs! I'd love to have some lambs to bring up, but they'd have to remain pets. I couldn't send them to slaughter.

lixtroll said...

Matron has just popped in to tell you not to worry, the chat room has gone down temporarily owing to an error on Google which is preventing us cleaning out the fosses to make room for new posts!

You can still blog away merrily here on your own page, and to leave comments on all the others.

elizabethm said...

lovely pic. see you have all your archive with you now which is great. must try to sort that out.